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Saturday, May 23, 2015

   New Artistic Inspiring Digital Crochet Release 

 This beautiful sweater can be used for so many occasions. For Brides, Mother of the Bride, Proms,    Going out on a night on the town, or just with a nice pair of dungarees.

 Instructions included sizes small 32/34, medium 36/38, large 40/42 But very easy to make bigger. Just keep adding multiple of 14 chains for bigger sizes.

 Use Coupon Code MEMEDAY2015 now until May 25, 2015 to get 50% off all digital crochet patterns.



  1. I just purchased this from Annie's, what a GORGEOUS "sweater", "jacket", Stevie Nick's style witchy-wear piece, PERFECT for me! I just am not sure how many years it's going to take me to make it! LOL!! I just took crochet back up after 30 years, and my goodness how things have changed! Now all I have to do is decide the PERFECT yarn for this! I really love this. I have not browsed around your blog yet, but if you have more like this, I will be a steady customer!

  2. thank you Ginny for your kind words. I hope it won't take you to long to make this sweater. I can make it in about one weeks time. Enjoy your crochet time.


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