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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great way to start the day

I was just checking my email, and I got a prompt from my friend Christie Cottage to check out her blog. When I got there I found this:

Christie Cottage gave me this award "for having a Caring Heart and always promoting others!"
You can check out her blog at 
You can check out her etsy shop at 

Its great to have friends to encourage you along the way. Big thanks to Christie Cottage! 


  1. Congratulations!!! You deserve this lovely award!


  2. One of the reactions should be "love"!! Congratulations, Sandy; you deserve it! You're a wonderful CAPS member!

  3. You deserve that Sandy (((((hug)))))

  4. This is so beautiful I am actually teary... does anyone have a tissue?? Sandy you have so much talent, it is also beautiful music. Thank you for including my shop. I am proud to be a CAPS team member!!

  5. It could not be given to a finer person!

  6. Congratulations, beautiful award and so well deserved.

  7. I agree and many thanks. You're a blessing!

  8. thank you all...I am overwhelmed with all of your kindnesses...God Bless you all


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